When Vicky Kaushal swallowed a nail!

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Mumbai, Nov 20 (IANS) Actor Vicky Kaushal says he got screwed early in his life, when he swallowed a nail.

The actor recalled the incident when he became part of "No Filter Neha", read a statement. 

"I've got screwed in life quite early on. I was a kid, I was in school. I was in Punjab for my summer vacations. It was my mom, me and my younger brother. And there, the electricity used to go very often. It was evening and I still remember, it was a Saturday. I was actually playing with a screw, it was just there," Vicky said. 

"It was a nail. I was playing with it, trying to lick it and taste the metal. All of this is happening in the dark. I was just playing with myself, nail, screw. I just gulped the screw down. And everyone's happy that electricity was back and I'm like mom, I ate a screw. 

"She slapped me. And I was just sitting there feeling normal. They took me to the doctor, who gave two options -- one surgery and second to let it pass naturally. "