Vicky Kaushal interacts with students!

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Mumbai, May 9 -- Vicky Kaushal's film, Masaan (2015), not only made him one of the most promising newcomers of 2015, but it also got him a lot of international attention.

The movie released worldwide and even won two awards at the Cannes Film Festival last year. No wonder Vicky has a reasonable fan base, both in India and abroad.

Recently, the young actor was approached by some of his admirers, a group of students, from Australia. They wanted to discuss Indian cinema with him.

A source close to Vicky says, "The students are conducting a study on Indian cinema, and as part of their project, they had watched Masaan, among several other Indian films. So, on their recent visit to Mumbai, the students reached out to the actor. Vicky met them, and they spoke about his journey as an actor, and Indian cinema in general."

Talking about his experience, Vicky says, "It was amazing that these students wanted to know more about Indian cinema. They already knew so much about the industry. Their enthusiasm is what made me want to share as much as I could with them."