Varun: A BO clash isn't a cricket match one has to win..

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New Delhi, Feb. 20 -- After ending 2017 on a happy note, with his film Fukrey Returns doing well at the box-office, actor Varun Sharma is kicked about his next, Fry Day, which is set to clash with Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal-starrer Raazi. 
Does Varun have any apprehensions about the film not getting enough screens? 
"From an actor's point of view, it's all about hoping, and every department has its contribution. The writer hopes to come up with a script that connects with people. The producer strives to make a great project, market it well, and make it reach people. The actor's job is to play that character with honesty. The rest is up to the viewers," Varun explains. 
Though the actor agrees that box-office collections and footfalls do get divided when two films come out on the same day, such clashes don't bother him. 
"It's not a cricket match that one team has to win. Every film should work and people should watch it, because it's only good for the industry as a whole," says the actor. 
However, Varun is quick to add that it's natural to want one's own film to do better. "We all want good collections and maximum people to come to the theatres. We don't make films for our personal satisfaction." 
The actor explains that genres also help viewers go for films. "With two films clashing, the viewers have a choice. Our film and Raazi are of different genres, so I don't see the business getting affected."