Why KJO compared Varun to Jeetendra!

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Mumbai, Dec. 19 -- Though he may have only two releases lined up for next year, Varun Dhawan's name has been unofficially attached to a number of other projects. The list includes a film adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars, a Karan Johar production with Alia Bhatt, and a Hindi remake of The Intouchables (2011). Although Varun hasn't officially been signed for any of the project yet, it has earned him the tag of the new-age Jeetendra.

"When I read in papers that Varun is doing so many films, I get surprised. According to them (media reports), I am doing eight to nine films. Karan (Johar) makes fun of me saying, 'You are the new-age Jeetuji' because he did so many films (at one go)," says Varun.

In fact, the young actor actually had a word with the veteran star about the same. "When I recently met Jeetuji in Dubai, I asked him, 'How many films did you do in a year, sir?' And he said, 'At one point, there would be 12-15 films.' I was shocked. How much energy did Jeetuji have, and still has? He is superb," says Varun.

But comparisons aside, Varun clarifies that he is working only on three projects at present. "After Sriram's (Raghavan) film, I have Remo D'Souza's dancebased movie, which is 50 per cent complete, following which, I will be working on Rohit's (Dhawan; brother) film. That's it," adds the actor.

So, won't we see him teaming up with Alia again in Karan's next? "I would rather have Karan make these announcements. There is a film with him for sure, but I have no say in such things. As for The Intouchables remake, there's no clarity about the project. But Mohit (Suri; who is supposed to direct the film) and I will work together in the futue," he says.