Varun Dhawan: Worth the pain!

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Mumbai, June 7 -- Actors tend to get injured while performing an action or a dance sequence. Recently, it was Varun Dhawan, who hurt himself.

While shooting for a dance sequence for director and choreographer Remo D'Souza's next, the actor got kicked in the face literally!

In the act, two dancers apparently had to do backflips, using Varun's arms and shoulders as support. A source from the sets says, "The sequence was a difficult one, and anyone could have got injured while performing it. The act needed a lot of practise and coordination between the dancers to get it right. When the shoot began, a few kicks landed on Varun's face due to mistiming, and he ended up getting bruises."

However, Varun, who has been a dancer all through his life, didn't mind it much, and continued to shoot till his co-actors performed the steps perfectly.

When contacted, Varun confirmed the news, and said, "There were six boys doing backflips and I was supposed to stand like a wall, so that they could bounce against me. We had to do a couple of takes to get it right. A few times, the boys ended up hitting me on my face while trying to flip, but the shot looked so great that it was all worth it."