Varun Dhawan takes sick leave!

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Mumbai, Sept. 23 -- Over the past few months, Varun Dhawan has been shooting continuously for his films.

First, it was ABCD 2, followed by film-maker Rohit Shetty's next in Bulgaria, then his brother, Rohit Dhawan's project, and finally the ongoing Hyderabad schedule of Shetty's Christmas release.

These back-to-back shooting schedules ended up taking a toll on Varun's health, and the actor recently fell ill on the sets of Shetty's film.

"Last week, Varun was running a high fever, so much so that his mother (Lali Dhawan) flew down to Hyderabad to be with him for two-three days. She was worried about him, since she hadn't seen him in a while because he was constantly travelling," says an insider.

Varun was supposed to be shooting for a song with Kriti Sanon, who is paired opposite him, when he fell ill.

"Since he was very unwell, Rohit and Shah Rukh Khan (producer and the actor's co-star in the film) decided to give him two days off to recover completely," adds the insider.

When Varun recovered and resumed shooting for the song, his mother returned to Mumbai. Despite repeated attempts, Varun couldn't be reached for a comment.