Varun Dhawan: Stunt surprise!

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Mumbai, March 30 -- After delivering a hardhitting performance in Badlapur, Varun Dhawan seems to be pushing the envelope even further with his upcoming film.

The actor recently performed a daring stunt for the sequel to director Remo D'Souza's 2013 dance hit, Any Body Can Dance. However, he preferred to keep the stunt a secret from his parents, David and Lila Dhawan, lest they object.

"He knew that his parents would worry if they knew he was doing things like this, so he didn't tell them," says a source close to the actor. Varun apparently jumped off the edge of a 5,000-ft-high precipice in the US while shooting for the film.

Initially, Varun had planned to not tell his parents till the film's release, but the news came out when he denied rumours of using a body double for the stunt.

When we contacted Varun, he confirmed the news, saying, "When I performed the stunt during the Las Vegas schedule, I chose not to tell my parents, as I didn't think it was life-threatening. But once they found out, I had to assure them that it was performed under the supervision of experts, and I was not in any danger."