Varun Dhawan: I headbutted Nawaz..

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Mumbai, Jan. 31 -- After playing the genial chocolate boy in his first three films, Varun Dhawan is set for a departure from his current screen image with his aggressive avatar in Badlapur.

The actor, who will be seen essaying a mercurial character, went into a temperamental zone during the shooting schedule in order to get the attitude right. He reveals to us that more often than not, his mum and a couple of friends were at the receiving end of his erratic temper post shooting.

From the trailer and the promos, it seems like you are looking to take revenge on your co-actors. In reality, where or on whom do you vent out your anger?

Most people have been victim of my anger in bits. But my mom had to tolerate me the most. Also, a couple of my friends were often subjected to my temper. My co-stars weren't spared either. Vinay Pathak ended up with a fractured shoulder, and I head-butted Nawaz (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).

In real life, would you describe yourself as violent?

Although there is a beast in all of us, we don't showcase it often. But it is very liberating to be that angry at times. Given a chance, I am sure people would like to go on a rampage and break everything possible.

Was there any particular moment while filming when you felt "liberated"?

There was scene where I had to break a bottle on a wall, and I had never done anything like that. I broke the bottle and my hands were shivering, but I also enjoyed that moment. After that scene, I went on to break a lot of other things.

In an action thriller like this, how important are actresses?

In this particular film, they are extremely crucial and they have done a marvellous job. Huma Qureshi is amazing and Radhika Apte is a hidden gem. For Yami Gautam, I can say that the moment I saw her, I had an instant fondness for her. If I had to have a wife, she would be like her. I felt I was married to Yami.

Since you are working with Yami for the first time, how did you develop a comfort level?

My first meeting with her was weird. Director Sriram Raghavan had asked me to develop a comfort level with her. She was doing her fittings when I met her for the first time and I asked her if we could spend some time together. She naturally was baffled. I walked out of the room and began thinking about what I had said. It was embarrassing.