Varun Dhawan: I am not a robot..

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By Neharika, News Network

Actor Varun Dhawan recently voiced his opinion regarding the micro-blogging website, Twitter.

The 29-year-old hunk decalred, "For starters, I handle my own account.” he even took the responsibility for "all grammatical errors and all bad pictures" on his profile. "Thanks to the judgmental world, we are forced to put up a facade. My fans must be thinking I am always happy and having a good time. But I have my bad days too, and want to let the world know that it's okay to cut one some slack. We are humans; we make mistakes. Perfect is irritating. I want people to know I am as flawed as them," he asserted.

Varun recently tweeted the poster of his next, 'Judwaa 2', writing 'whose' instead of 'who's'. He is trolled every now and then for his erroneous tweets and uploads.

When an entertainment website caught up with Varun during the promotions of 'Badrinath Ki Dulhania' and asked him about being trolled frequently, he sarcastically said, "There is uproar over everything these days. Twitter is a big kitty party and I am sure a lot of people will agree with me on this. It's fast becoming a platform just for debate. If someone asks me if I can really express myself there [on the medium], I will have to say no. The judgment level is too much. People are attacking, and trolling behind masks. You don't who they are; there's no context to their existence."

He was also asked if the regular trolling ruffles him, to which he answered as, "At times, I want to scream at people and tell them, 'Damn, give me a chance, will you?' [But] As a society, we take ourselves too seriously. Everyone has to be correct and say the right things. Everyone around wants you to be smart and say only intelligent things. Anyone who doesn't make mistakes is not human. I am not a robot.”