Varun Dhawan finds an outlet in excersicing!

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Mumbai, May 7 -- Last year, we had reported that Varun Dhawan's 'emotionally draining' part in his film Badlapur had a serious effect on the actor.

So much so that he had to visit a psychologist for assistance to get out of his character in the film. At that time, Varun found an outlet in bodybuilding to get rid of the negative thoughts that played on his mind.

After Badlapur, the actor was asked to acquire a "ripped, dancer-like physique" by director Remo D'Souza (for their upcoming film). "Since, Varun had also stopped working out during Badlapur, he was happy to start an intense workout regime as he found it therapeutic," says an insider.

Varun says the exercise sessions also helped him prepare for the role and stay mentally relaxed. "After the shoot of Badlapur got over, working out became a way of burning all kinds of negative thoughts that I had in my mind," says the actor, adding, "Since I had to acquire a chiseled look, I worked hard for two-three months under the strict guidance of my trainer (Prashant Sawant)."