Varun Dhawan: Be with that person who gives you happiness

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New Delhi, Sept. 29 -- Actors Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha announced their relationship only recently, but their Fukrey (2013) co-stars knew about it all along. 
Actor Varun Sharma, who played the role of Choocha in the film, tells us, "Of course, we had come to know a little about it, but once it became public, tab toh we were like 'Nice hai! We all can celebrate together whenever we go out, because now we have got nothing to hide'."
But as it happens on social media, once the news was confirmed by the couple, trolls targeted them, labeling it a case of love jihad. 
Though Richa called it "humorous" and said, 'We are not Obamas,' Varun says he was quite disheartened. "Arre yaar! I think ki love, or for that matter any other relationship, just happens. Connection ho jaata hai. When that bonding happens and the intellectual level of two individuals matches, that becomes a relationship. Be it friends, muh-bole bhai behen, or any relation which is not by blood. We should respect that."
The 27-year-old adds, "Any person who gives you happiness, motivation, uplifts your mood, you just need to be with that person."