Varun-David Dhawan: Dad's the way we like it!

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New Delhi, June 19 -- On Father's Day, we catch up with the father-son duo of actor Varun Dhawan and filmmaker David Dhawan for a special chat and photo shoot.

What is Father's Day to you? Varun: A child should make his parents feel special every day and vice versa.

David: Mujhe toh kabhi nahi samajh aaya. It's like any other day. As a father and a son, our equation should be such that we sense each other's problems without telling each other.

Varun, is he a strict father, or a lenient one?

Varun: He is not strict at all. He is more of a friend. For instance, when I make a mistake, he will say, "Yaar tune mere saath aise kiya," like a friend would say. He has given me everything. He says, 'Do whatever you like, enjoy your life, and then learn for yourself.' But he gets strict if he has to (smiles).

David: I have to keep my eyes open. He is in a khatarnak place (Bollywood). I have been here for 40 years. But yes, I do tell him 'You have to look good, so you need a good sleep. You can't have late nights all the time.' Workwise, he can do better. He'll get better directors, and things are happening. He has always shone bright in his films, but, most importantly, his passion should not fade.

David, since you were busy making films when he was growing up, did you get to spend enough time with Varun?

David: Not really. I tried, but I was mostly abroad. But I used to take them (family) whenever I could. I never realised when he grew, when he went to college... I didn't even know that Lali (Varun's mother) took him for admissions.

Varun (to David): You didn't even know when I passed 10th standard. When I passed, he asked me, 'Oh, you passed?'