Twinkle Khanna: Aarav must focus on his attributes..

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Mumbai, Jan. 20 -- Bollywood star kids making their acting debut is almost always certain. This year will see a number of them and, at the same time, there are speculations vis-a-vis many others. 
One among them is Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna's son, Aarav Bhatia. In fact, Saif Ali Khan has pointed out that his son Ibrahim and Aarav both "want six packs and aspire to be Bollywood stars".
But Aarav's mother, former actor Twinkle Khanna, doesn't want to put any pressure on her son. She says, "I think especially because of my background, I am very reluctant to put pressure in any form, or my expectations, on Aarav. I've told him time and again that he has to focus on his attributes. I feel with those attributes, you're fully formed as a person, and they are going to be your biggest strength, too." 
That's why the writer-producer - Twinkle makes her debut as producer with Pad Man, starring Akshay, out on January 25 - feels that whatever attributes Aarav develops now, at the age of 15, will be his "greatest friends when he grows up".
She adds, "I'm really not concerned whether he does well in chemistry or not, if he is not interested in that. But he has to be focused on subjects that he likes." She feels that 15 is a "bit too early for him to make any such decision". Twinkle says, "Whether he becomes an actor, or an astronomer, all I would want from him is that he focuses on strengths and things that make him unique. He would probably be clear about being an actor in a few years."
Twinkle admits that she and Akshay are "very protective" about their kids. "We rarely share their pictures on social media. Even if I have, they must be snaps of Nitara's (daughter) back or her walking away somewhere but not pictures of her face. But Aarav does have a private SnapChat account."