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Twinkle Khanna (also known by her birth name Tina Jatin Khanna) born on 29 December 1974 is an Indian interior designer, columnist, film producer and former actress who has acted in Bollywood and Telugu films.

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Firstly, the event was really fun, because it was hosted than none other than Karan Johar!
The book launch function of Twinkle Khanna turned into a laugh riot with the former Bollywood actor taking digs at her husband Akshay Kumar and others including politicians.
We all know Aamir Khan as the serious actor-crusader. But at the book launch of Twinkle Khanna's Mrs Funnybones, the Bollywood actor proved that he has a sense of humour too.
In an interview with us, Twinkle Khanna reveals her likes and dislikes.
After having won over readers with her humour-laden columns, Twinkle Khanna has come up with a collection of short stories.

Twinkle Khanna doesn't mince her words, and she doesn't need to. Eloquent, confident and candid, Twinkle, who has become the toast of the town with her new book, is amused at her new-found success.

Actor Twinkle Khanna is miffed at veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah for calling her late father, Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna, a "poor actor".
I simply cannot get my eyes of this gorgeous mother-daughter duo! Neither can I decide who looks better..
She writes like she’s any other woman in India, and not the wife of one of the most sexy, popular celebrities. And here she does it again, bringing a new thought to the ‘My Choice’ video. Gotta read it, guys!
Yes! Akshay Khanna’s wifey is making us drool, and this time it’s not her scrumptious column.