A Greek getaway for Tulsi Kumar!

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NEW DELHI, Aug. 31 -- After the birth of her first baby, Tulsi Kumar took off for her first trip without her little one, to Mykonos, Greece. The singer shared that it was a long overdue trip and was planned one with her husband, Hitesh Ralhan.

"We had picked the place in advance and were excited because this trip was after a long gap. I was looking forward to it, but when I got there, all I could think of was my son," laughs Tulsi.

She calls this "a special trip" that she and her husband had "meticulously planned". The couple had sorted everything out, from their stay to activities, beforehand.

"Having said that, we do make changes to our existing plans. For example, the local specials of a place can be experienced only when you are there. So, we do keep time for such special surprises," she says, adding, "We hired a sports bike and toured the entire area. The scenic town of Mykonos is breathtaking and quad biking is a must-do." 

Talking about the other places the couple visited, Tulsi says, "We enjoyed the picturesque view of blue waters and windmills, as well as Little Venice, Panorama Beach, Nammos Beach Club, and the Milan Cathedral. I am not a fan of sun-bathing but Panorama Beach is the place to visit for its view." 

Claiming to be "complete foodies", Tulsi says, "I am a pure vegetarian, but my husband enjoyed the sea food and the local specialities. I relished the fresh salads and margarita pizzas." 

The singer shares that she also shopped for many knickknacks, including evil eye souvenirs and brought back a lot of olives and pistachios.