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Tiger's reserved!

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Mumbai, July 28 -- In May this year, Tiger Shroff made headlines when he adopted a four-year-old tiger named Jaan, at the Maharajbagh zoo in Nagpur. Now, on International Tiger Day (July 29), the actor is going to go back to the reserve to check on the tiger and his habitat.

"After the release of his debut film (in the last week of May), Tiger had no time to go to Nagpur as his work commitments were keeping him busy. But, he is keen on making the trip on International Tiger Day," says a source close to the actor.

As part of the adoption responsibilities, the actor has been bearing all the expenses incurred by the zoo authorities to take care of the tiger. "He wants to go and see for himself whether the arrangements, especially during the monsoon, are up to the mark. He needs to know whether Jaan is healthy and taken care of," adds the source.

When contacted, Tiger confirms the news, saying, "I have been planning to visit the zoo to check on things personally. I want to make it (International Tiger Day) special for my cub (sic)."