Tiger: I enjoy my time with Disha!

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New Delhi, Sept. 17 -- Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani's relationship status has been fodder for gossip mills for long. But the two continue to deny they are dating, despite being spotted together quite often. 
So, are they or are they not, we asked Tiger when we recently caught up with him. "Frankly, I've not bothered to clarify and I don't read the [news] papers much. But yes, I really enjoy my time with her [Disha] whenever we get to spend some time. She's a great person and I can relate to her [in many ways] because she's very much like me in the sense that she's not the social kind and is very into herself. She's sort of an introvert just like me and is here to work."
Reacting to their pictures that went viral after Disha suffered a leg injury, and Tiger was clicked by her side, he says, "She was injured and I was giving a helping hand. And it's not just about her, if any lady was injured, I would be a gentleman enough and help her cross the road, it is basic common sense. I can't let her just roam around with a broken leg - that would be ridiculous."
The 27-year-old actor, who will star with Disha in Baaghi 2 is not affected by the rumour mills, at all. "It [rumours] is just a part and parcel (of being a celeb) and sometimes celebs do these things for publicity also. But I feel it's always interesting to know little bit about the personal life of the person you see on screen, so it doesn't bother me [much]." But, it gets to him when his family gets involved.
"Each time something bad is written about me, I don't think about myself because I honestly don't care. But I think about my parents because they are reading these things about their son and God knows what they must be feeling seeing their son go through all this. My only goal is to make my family proud and give them respect and happiness they deserve," says the son of actor Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff.
Hitting back at trolls, Tiger, whose last film Munna Michael failed to make a mark at the box office, adds that he purposely doesn't react to them. "I don't want to shed more light or add more fuel to the fire. I don't want it to get out of proportion because then my parents also get dragged into it and I am not cool with it. You can say anything [bad] to me, but just don't get personal or involve my family."