Heropanti Song: Dedicated to the flutists!

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Mumbai, April 9 -- The haunting background tune from the 1983 hit, Hero, which starred Jackie Shroff, continues to be popular even today. A melody played on the flute, it went on to feature in many modern-day compositions as well.    

And now, film-maker Sajid Nadiadwala, who is introducing Jackie's son, Tiger, in his upcoming production, wants to dedicate the first song of the film, titled 'Whistle baja', to all the flute players who have contributed towards immortalising the melody.    

An industry insider reveals, "The song features that classic melody from the 1983 film. It is a tune that flute players have been playing for a long time now. Sajid feels that they should be given some credit for keeping the tune alive for over three decades."  

Sajid has invited around 10 flautists to the launch event of the song. "He was very keen on honouring them for what they have unknowingly done (keeping the tune alive)," says the source.