Tanuj Virwani believes in working hard

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New Delhi, May 10 -- Actor Tanuj Virwani believes in working hard, and doesn't stress over what the last word on his project will be.

The actor, whose film with actor Sunny Leone has hit theatres, says: "I don't think of results before time or foresee success and box office collection. I feel if I do that, I'm losing the plot already, and that is not how I would like to lead my life," says Virwani, who made his Bollywood debut with Luv U Sonio (2013).

Was he prepared for the struggle actors go through to make his name in Bollywood? "I wasn't ready for the challenges because when you are younger you have all these stars in your eyes and there is so much of glamour in your mind. Eventually, you realise that even films have a dark underbelly and there is a lot of competition. I had to go through my share of struggle but that helps you grow as an individual and as an actor. If I had to go through all of it again to be a fine actor, I would," says Virwani.