Tabu: I'm the new entry in the cast

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Mumbai, Oct. 16 -- After a hiatus, actor Tabu is back with a mainstream potboiler. The actor, who is known for her intense portrayals is happy to be back to comedy. 
"I always wanted to be part of the Golmaal (series). When Rohit (Shetty; director) said there's a role which is the only serious character in the film, I understood that he has cast me accordingly (laughs). He has made me do what I am good at. For me, the objective was to be part of this madness as I've always enjoyed watching the series. Also, I've known these people for a while. Rohit and the boys have created this brand. So, for me it was the least taxing task, as they've mastered it. I'm the new entry in the cast, and I've just gone and enjoyed myself," she says. 
So in this phase of her career, has her criteria of choosing films changed? 
"Now, it is important for me to like the project in its entirety to be part of it, and not just on the basis of my role. At least 80% of the requirements should be met, because something or the other is always left out. Sometimes everything else is good, but the money is not good, and other times, the money is outstanding, but others things are not great. At times, the director is outstanding but your character is not great, and vice versa. Another question that bothers me is 'will I be looked after'? I want to do projects in which I am taken care of. I cannot take up anything, because it exhausts me. I am not in that space anymore, because you're expending yourself as an actor, even off screen. I've to fend for myself because nobody else will, and why not," says Tabu.