Tabu has a mysterious aura: Shraddha Kapoor

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New Delhi, Oct. 6 -- Actor Shraddha Kapoor, who shares screen space with actor Tabu in her recently released film, says that the latter has a mysterious aura.

Shradda was thrilled when she got the chance to travel with her during the shoot of the film. The two were travelling in their individual cars when Tabu's car had a puncture and she had to hitch a ride with Shraddha.

"She sat (in the car) and she had this mysterious aura. She gave this feeling that she is always going to be there," says Shraddha.

The actor did not want to let go of the opportunity and asked Tabu whatever she wanted to, during their brief meeting. "I got the opportunity to ask her all the questions that I have always wanted to ask her. I asked her about her films, specially Chandni Bar. I was asking her questions like a journalist, the role which I am playing in the movie, too," says Shraddha, adding that it was unbelievable to work with her. "Her aura just transcends through her person. It is amazing."