When Taapsee turned Gurmukhi teacher for Vicky Kaushal!

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NEW DELHI, April 22 -- Whether as friends or co-stars, Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal share a great bond. Now, the actors have developed a new relationship, that of a teacher and a student. 

They were shooting in Amritsar for filmmaker Anurag Kashyap's Manmarziyaan, and being Punjabis, shared similarities in terms of food, music and lifestyle. However, when it came to reading the language, Taapsee was a step ahead of Vicky and hence, she decided help Vicky read Gurmukhi.

A source says, "Taapsee began quizzing Vicky on his alphabets and sent him texts using the Gurmukhi notepad. She made him translate to ensure he was keeping up with his classes." 

Talking about the exercise that took her back to school days, Taapsee says, "While in Amritsar, there were so many signboards and hoardings in Punjabi that it became a fun activity for us to read them. I've studied Punjabi in school till 10th standard, so I can read and write in Punjabi script pretty well. Vicky could also read Punjabi decently, but it was fun to help him read and write a few words and alphabets which he wasn't probably sure of."