Taapsee extends support to women-run cafe in Mangalore

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For actor Taapsee Pannu, the Pink (2016) effect is clearly, still on. Despite six months having gone by since the film’s release, Taapsee still gets messages and emails thanking her and appreciating her for the character she played.

The interactions that she has with her fans sometimes bring to light a lot of interesting things.

Recently, Taapsee got a message from a fan, through social media, informing her that the latter is in the process of opening a café named Pink in Mangalore, Karnataka. The café’s speciality is that it is not only owned by a woman but will also have only female staff, right from the cashier to the server. Taapsee loved the idea and is now, partially sponsoring the café.

Talking about it, the Baby (2015) actor says, “When I heard the idea, I was impressed as to how a film can turn into an inspiration at so many levels. It’s rewarding when someone takes the positive impact of a film and converts that into reality, especially with an initiative like this. I heard the idea of the café and instead of just encouraging them, I wanted to do more. So, I did my bit by contributing to the café. I can only wish them luck and hope to encourage more such initiatives in the future.”