Swara Bhaskar: People tell me I need to calm down

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New Delhi, Jan. 16 -- Actor Swara Bhaskar is extremely caught up with the shoot of her next film and her ongoing TV show. And while she loves working continuously, she admits that this has taken a toll on her health.

The 27-year-old is back to her Delhi home to recover from jaundice and an eye injury that she suffered sometime back. "My work pace has really picked up. I have been shooting continuously for my show and my film. I am restless and love focusing my energies on my work. But people tell me to calm down," she says, adding: "I hurt my eye recently on the sets of my film. I think over exhaustion has led to my bad health."

When the actor works on a relatively small budget film, she gets involved with every aspect of the project. "When I work on a smaller film, I feel personally responsible for it. I tend to be careless about my health. I am a slightly laidback person when it comes to myself," she says.

Swara, who is now taking it easy at home, says she is being pampered by her parents. "I am totally getting spoilt ... even if it means eating yummy jaundice ka khana! But I am also reading scripts right now and deciding what to take up," she says, adding, "I was to start work on an Anees Bazmee production, but that project has got delayed thankfully."