Swara Bhaskar falls ill!

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Mumbai, Jan. 2 -- Swara Bhaskar had been shooting non-stop in Bihar for her next till she recently suffered an eye injury, and had to be rushed to Delhi for treatment. Now, the actor has fallen ill again. She has been diagnosed with jaundice.

A source close to the actor says, "Only days after recovering from her eye injury and resuming work, Swara contracted jaundice." Even though the actor has wrapped up the shoot for her film, she is still working in this condition to fulfil her other professional commitments.

"The doctor suggested that she get herself hospitalised, but as she had committed to a three-day shoot for a TV show, she continued to work. She plans to go to Delhi again to recuperate at her family home, " adds the source.

When Swara's parents found out about her illness, they asked her to stop shooting immediately and rest. In fact, the actor's mother flew down to Mumbai recently to take care of her.

When contacted, Swara said, in jest, "I guess I have had a system collapse. I have become like an old car that needs overhauling. Maybe some parts need to be changed too." She adds, "On a serious note, I guess I have been overworking myself. In fact, the doctor said that too much stress has probably caused this. I need to take a break."