Salman Khan isn't married - Sushmita Sen tells us why

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If you are still wondering when the biggest Khan of Bollywood, Salman Khan, will ever get married, former Miss Universe and actor Sushmita Sen wants us to believe she knows why he’s still a bachelor.
Sush was flummoxed recently during a media interaction in Mumbai when an over-eager reporter asked her why Salman is not married. The reporter asked: “We often ask Salman this question but he never answers. I’ll pose the same question to you.”
The actor then came up with an answer no one expected. “You are asking the question to the two people who celebrate singlehood. They are not single because they didn’t find someone, they did that by choice.”
Salman has maintained for long that he is waiting for his court cases to be cleared before he decides to tie the knot. He has been spotted with Romanian TV actor Iulia Vantur for almost a year now and is said to be dating her. Iulia was even spotted hand-in-hand with Salman’s mom at Mumbai airport.