I am both mother and father to my girls: Sushmita Sen

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New Delhi, Sept. 5 -- Miss Universe Sushmita Sen has donned many avatars in reel life. And, in her real life, too, she keeps switching between being a strict father and lenient mother to her daughters.

"I am both - mother and father to my children. I can be strict and I can be lenient, depending on the situation. (Adopting kids) It's been the most courageous thing that I have done in my life. I feel I have become a completely different person with a different personality and a more beautiful heart," says Sushmita, who adopted Renee, 16, in 2000, and second daughter Alisah, five, in 2010.

The 39-year-old actor, who has worked in movies such as Aankhen (2002), Biwi No 1 (1999), Vastu Shastra (2004) and Main Hoon Na (2004), is currently busy judging a comedy reality show. However, she says that getaways with her daughters is the best time for her.

"My favourite time with them is usually when we are travelling, when we get out of our home on a daily basis, and also explore nature. I took them to Maldives to teach them scowling and diving," says Sushmita, adding, "My favourite time with them is when I teach them things in a fun way and make them see the real life as opposed to reel life," she adds.