Sushant's new training regimen!

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Sushant Singh Rajput is on a training spree. The actor honed his skills as a cricketer for his last film, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016), and it appears he’s still working to learn more skills for his films. 
According to a source, Sushant went through a gruelling training process for his upcoming film, Raabta, co-starring Kriti Sanon. The actor went through three weeks of hard-core weapons and gymnastics training in Bangkok, Thailand.
The source says, “In a flashback sequence in the movie, Sushant plays a character known for his fighting skills. Dinoo (Dinesh Vijan; director) wanted the introduction sequence to have complex choreography justifying the reputation of the character. That’s why Sushant decided to go for the training,” says the source.
Interestingly, for the same sequence, Sushant was to confront an army of men and fight 10 people on a long, 6-foot-wide strip of land in the middle of a river. “However, on the day of the shoot, it rained heavily and the water submerged the strip. The unit was close to calling off the shoot, but since it was on a very tight schedule, Sushant and Dinesh decided to go ahead,” says the source.
When contacted, Sushant says, “Yes, we went ahead with the shoot, maybe because we were confident of my preparation (smiles). In fact, we finished before the stipulated time. That is one of the most interesting sequences of the film.”
And that’s not all. A new project, Chandamama Door Ke, will see Sushant studying astronomy to prepare for the role of an astronaut.