Sushant requests head massages on set!

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New Delhi, Dec. 3 -- Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput seems to be enjoying his time shooting for filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee's upcoming film, which is set in the 1940s. The director is going to great heights to ensure that his set looks authentic and even has a barber oiling the hair of his cast before every shot,

to suit the style of the time. Taking advantage of this situation, his lead actor, Sushant, asks for a relaxing head massage once in a while. "A special corner was created on the set which was only for hair styling, and before the shoot would begin, the cast would have a session with the barber. Sushant loves this corner and often makes a special request for a head massage," says a source, close to the actor.

Along with hair style and the costumes, the director is taking care of minute details. "Along with the installation of 1940's infrastructure, special measures have been taken in getting the look right," adds the source.