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Mumbai, March 8 -- Over the last two months, he was busy shooting for Dibakar Banerjee's Detective Byomkesh Bakshy in Kolkata. And now Sushant Singh Rajput - in a bid to focus on his character - has cut himself off from the outside world.    

"While shooting, Sushant was practically unreachable even to his family and Ankita (Lokhande; girlfriend). He would call them only when it was urgent after the day's shoot would get over. He had also stopped reading newspapers, surfing the web and switched his phones off. He has done this because it's similar to his character, Byomkesh, who operates silently and on his own," says an insider.    

During the schedule, Sushant also avoided media events and stopped socialising. "When the production team noticed that he was trying to stay aloof, they put him in a separate hotel (in Kolkata) where no one else from the crew was staying," adds the insider.  

While his mobile remains switched off, Sushant tells us over email: "I try to isolate myself as much as I can so that I can work on the roles I choose. If you have a director like Dibakar, you try to give the best you can and try not to let him down."    

Sushant idolises Hollywood actor Daniel DayLewis who also uses this method. "He does it because he is so talented and committed, whereas I do it because of the limitations I have as far as experience is concerned. This is the only way I can try, focus, work hard and convince myself that I have the authority to be the character I'm working on," says the actor.    

Apparently, Sushant took a week-long break when the schedule got over around 10 days ago. "But since he is back on the sets now, Sushant has gone into a cocoon again," adds the insider.