Sushant learns ballet

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Mumbai, June 15 -- Sushant Singh Rajput has proved his mettle in Bollywood with his acting (he has two successful films to his credit).

Currently, he has taken a break from shooting for films and is utilising this time to work on his physique, which he feels, will better his image as a lead actor. We have been told that Sushant is following a strenuous fitness regimen and has been learning new dance and martial art forms to acquire a chiselled body.    

"Sushant is learning ballet and is also practising Parkour, which is a holistic training discipline. He has been giving a lot of time to his fitness regime and wants to surprise his fans with a new look," says a source close to the actor.    

Apart from the two workout forms, Sushant is apparently spending long hours in the gym. "He has been very particular about hitting the gym daily as he wants to build muscles," adds the source.    

When contacted, the actor's spokesperson confirmed the news, saying, "What started as an intriguing regimen for Sushant has turned into something he enjoys."