Sushant to don producer's hat!

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New Delhi, Oct. 20 -- He's definitely made the audience sit up and take note of his acting skills. And now, actor Sushant Singh Rajput is now all set to turn producer.

However, Sushant insists that his first priority will always be acting. "I have a team and we are currently working on several projects. Some of them are for digital and some for TV. As of now, I don't know if I'll be in any of the shows, but if my presence helps, then I'll do that," the actor reveals.

He adds, "TV was always a very powerful medium. It is just that we are very short of content. It is also to do with the kind of audience for television, so in that sense, it is not symbiotic. I dream of making the biggest studio of the country. The content that I am developing is more issue based and not in a very serious kind of way. Some are also interactive and informative."

Talking about the future, he says, "I don't obsess about the future but I do make plans. And every time I make them, they seem unattainable and farfetched. Six years ago, while studying in Delhi, when I told my friends I wanted to be a hero, they all laughed. When I told them I wanted to be a Yash Raj Hero, they laughed louder. I dropped out. My seniors went on to do MBA and now, I've hired them to work with me."

Since he started out in TV, would he be game to be a part of a reality show, like Bigg Boss? "Never. Why would I do the show? I am so conscious of the camera that it will be impossible for me to be a part of such shows." But he is willing to host shows. "A couple of days ago, I was approached for a show but I didn't have the dates, but if I have time, then why not!" says Sushant.