Keep shut, appear stupid: Sushant on controversies..

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Actor Sushant Singh Rajput who has been in the film industry for three years now, has devised a plan to stay away from trouble. His mantra is to refrain from giving any opinion.
“I think one thing works every time. If you think that anything can get slightly controversial, just keep your mouth shut and appear very stupid. What would people say, ‘These actors don’t know anything?’ If you give an opinion and say anything, you end up in trouble. There is no good or bad opinion. There are only opinions and when you say something, it can often be taken in the wrong way,” says Rajput who made his Bollywood debut with Kai Po Che (2013).
The actor went off Twitter for sometime but eventually got back on the social media platform. Asked what prompted the action, he says, “I was shooting for my next film with Kriti (Sanon) and every time there would be a beep on my phone, I would immediately leave everything and look at my phone. If something had the power to distract me from what I love, I had to stop.”
Rajput is one of the few television actors who made it to Bollywood. He shares what sets him apart from his television counterparts “I was always an introvert. I didn’t have many people to hang around with in the television industry. There are very few things I am very sure of and one of them is having the right perspective. The assumption is already made that when TV actors work in films, their graph is raised. I have done theatre, TV and films,” he says.
The actor adds, “Be it television or films, for me the camera is the same. I am doing the same kind of work. You take film and money away from me, I would go back to theatre and live with seven eight people in a room and still could not sleep because of the excitement and that is the differentiator. The drive behind my work is not the success but my love for what I do.”