Sunny Leone injured during film shoot, thanks fans for best wishes

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Adult actress Sunny Leone got injured while doing an action sequence for her upcoming film Tina and Lolo. Tina and Lolo, an out-and-out action film, requires both female stars Sunny and Karishma Tanna to indulge in some heavy duty stunts but one such act went wrong. Sunny escaped with bruised ribs and the doctor advised her to refrain from shooting and rest for a few days. However, she has been reporting for shoot on the sets in Mumbai.

"It was unfortunate that Sunny got hurt as utmost care is taken with both the girl's safety while they are doing action scenes. We all are glad that she wasn't hurt badly and admire her professionalism. Both the girls insist on doing their own stunts and so we take extra precautions with them," director Devang Dholakia said.

The sequence in question required both the girls to jump over a car onto a bunch of baddies who were shooting at them and take them down. While Sunny managed to take her guy down, she landed awkwardly, with her ribs feeling the full force of the action extra's knee.

"I'm sure you have all seen the news and yes I did get hurt. Have a bruised rib and thankfully i will be just fine. I am my biggest competitor and I'm always challenging myself. Sometimes I get hurt but thankfully it wasn't too bad. I'll be more careful next time. Thanks for all the well wishes," Sunny Leone posted on her twitter handle.