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Sunny Leone is facing a hate-wave!

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By Tulsi, News Network

The pornstar turned actress is facing a lot of issues right now. From not really being the favorite of a lot of star-wives to legal issues, she’s facing it all right now! In fact, even someone like a Rakhi Sawant told Sunny Leone to get out of the country!

Well, the path to success is really not easy, proves Leone.

In fact, we also hear now that she and her husband were thrown out of Celina Jaitley’s flat. They were on rent and living their for two years, and shifted just a year ago.

Here’s what Celina Jaitley has to say about it:

“In all fairness, I didn’t throw Sunny out. My office has been dealing with her and her husband since they became my tenants two years ago. However, we did face immense problems dealing with them when the lease came to an end. I went out of my way to help my former tenants as they were finding it hard to get a place on lease, given their background. I even took guarantee for their character with the concerned authorities in good faith. I leased my penthouse to them for two years. When the lease was over, I was just horrified to see the appalling state they left it in. To top it all, their attitude and communication was sickening and threatening. I was driven to take legal help to protect my interests and to make them honour the contract. However, that was last year… I wish them both all the best.”

Oh-ooo… Looks like Sunny isn’t all that Sunny after all!