Sunny Deol scared of papa Dharmendra!

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The real-life Sunny Deol is nothing like the angry, screaming man you see on screen. When the brawny hero visited HT City on Tuesday, he spoke about his upcoming film Singh Saab the Great, his discomfort at the famous ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ dialogue and why he is still scared of papa Dharmendra.

Your father, veteran actor Dharmendra, says now you take care of him like a father.
Even now, papa ke liye mai bachcha hi hun, papa ke samne jaata hun toh lagta hai he will scold me. Lagta hai pata nahi, unko meri koi baat toh pata nahi chal gayi ... Wo guilt pata nahi kyun hamesha rehta hai. Log boltein hain, ‘how come you are not friends?’, but a father has to be a father, that’s his job. I am still scared of papa.

When was the last time he really scolded you?
He shouts at me whenever he wants to (laughs).

Contrary to the angry man in films, you are this shy, soft-spoken person in real life. How do you manage this contrast?
On screen, I’m playing a character that requires something like that. As actors, we are blessed to be able to wear different masks and bring out different emotions in us.

No one can seem to get over your ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ and ‘tareekh pe tareekh’ dialogues.
I know. I’m tired, because wherever I go, that’s what they ask me to say again.

It’s been so many years and you are still very active. What keeps you going?
I am not trying to do anything; I am just trying to be me. All of a sudden, they are discussing my age. Okay, I’m 56. But it’s not that I’ve suddenly turned 56. I was 55 and before that I was 54, 53. Uss waqt kisi ne kuch nahi bola. Now everywhere I go, they tell me my heroine (in Singh Saab The Great) is 19. And I say, that’s not my personal life. It’s difficult to explain to them that we wanted other heroines but unfortunately that didn’t work out. So we started looking for a new face, we auditioned, and when we finalised her (co-star Urvashi Rautela), we didn’t know her age.

The movie has already run into controversies.
I don’t know why people are out to get us. Hamara toh khair chodhiye, producers ka sochiye, they put in so much money. Please be kind to any film, not just my film. Consider how hard we all work, and how one line can spoil it all.