Sunny Deol: People never saw me beyond an action hero..

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New Delhi, June 20 -- Actor Sunny Deol's film Ghayal (1990) is still remembered by his fans for the action sequences, and while its sequel will soon make its television premiere, the actor says it's actually the people who made him an action hero.

"The anger and outburst of my characters stayed with people and they forgot the other emotions and vulnerability that I portrayed. So whatever genre I did, the audience termed it as an action or a patriotic film," he says and adds, "I can't do anything about it. I get a lot of similar offers but now I am looking for something which will enhance my character more and I will see if I can go ahead and surprise myself while doing it."

Last year, Sunny's film Mohalla Assi was caught in a dispute with the Central Board of Film Certification and was banned. While CBFC might feel the need to curb any kind of controversy with the film's release, the actor is of the opinion that viewers are mature enough to differentiate between fact and fiction. "We need a Censor Board otherwise people might misuse the freedom but they should not ban something. They should just certify and rate the film," says Deol.

In the recent past the clash of beliefs between the CBFC and Bollywood has become more verbal and this, according to Deol, is a result of some selfish motives.

"All this started because there is a section of people in different fields taking advantage of a situation. When a film comes out, somebody wants to take advantage of it by banning it or putting up a case against it and then the CBFC members get hyper and fear that they would be pulled up for it," he says.