Sunny Deol: I don't take any pressure...

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Actor Sunny Deol made a comeback of sorts on the big screen with the film Poster Boys that released in September. 
While the film didn’t really make a lot of noise at the box office, Sunny was happy that he got to portray a character, which was completely opposite of his set notion in people’s mind. 
Considering the film dealt with a taboo subject like vasectomy, we asked him if it was the perfect timing since quite a few films based on taboo subjects are being made at the same time — But, Sunny says it’s a mere coincidence.
“You see, all of a sudden these films released back to back and people enjoyed them too, so we are talking about them. It’s not that sab kar rahe hain toh chalo hum bhi waise hi picture bana dein (since everyone is doing it, so we also decided to follow suit and make a film). And even if all these filmmakers thought of these ideas together, I’m sure they definitely wouldn’t have decided that let’s release them at the same time,” he says.
In his career spanning over three decades, Sunny has been a part of hit films such as Betaab, Ghayal, Damini, Darr, Gadar: Ek Prem Katha among others and has also been part of various films that sank at the box office without notice. Looking at the current lull that Hindi film industry is going through where even the most hyped films with big star casts and hefty budgets are not working, Sunny feels it’s nothing new and it’s been happening since long.
“Go to any year and tell me who was the biggest star and if all his films worked equally well. Of course, some don’t work. It’s been going on since forever but it’s only now that we make such big hue and cry about such things,” says Sunny, adding each time he is asked about his journey and experience, he gets amused.
“When such questions come my way, I feel like asking them back ‘what have you seen of the past?’ Nothing, precisely! Then how can you even compare my career graph? The reality of the whole thing is that it is a cycle — kabhi logon ko films achchi lagti hain, kabhi nahi lagti, but we can’t sulk all the time. The best is to do what you enjoy and that’s your job.”
Unlike many actors who take unnecessary pressure when they return to screen after a hiatus, Sunny believes in taking it easy. “I don’t take any pressure about anything. I don’t know what pressure is because you can’t move ahead if you think about such things,” says the actor, who now wants to do films that empower him.