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Rise 'n' shine to fitness: Sunny Deol

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New Delhi, Nov. 27 -- The 'dhaai kilo ka haath' tag defines actor Sunny Deol's tough image the best. And, while we are not putting it up on a weighing scale for a fact-check, the 56-year-old undoubtedly looked like he was at his healthy best, when he visited the HT House recently.     

"We (in the family) have been instilled with a lot of disclipine since childhood, when it comes to fitness and always being on the path of health. Ghar ki aadat hi kuch is tarah ki rahi hain hamari, that we always wake up very early.     Aadat se hi suraj nikalne se pehle uth jata hun. (This is a habit that we've have had since childhood, that of waking up very early. Because of this, I make sure that I always wake up before sunrise, till date.) I end up feeling really horrible if I don't get up early. My whole day goes waste," said Sunny.     

Apart from his golden rule of getting up on time to continue on the path of health, the actor also told us about how sports and working out is an inherent part of his fitness regimen. "I have always made sure that I indulge in various kinds of sports activities and I do spend a lot of time working out, on a regular basis, to keep in shape and keep my metabolism going," he said.     

When we took the always-smiling Sunny to the gymnasium, he even showed off some of his workout moves, with absolute ease, shuffling between dumbbells we fret, smiling all the way!