Suniel Shetty: Athiya is not insecure..

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Mumbai, Aug. 26 -- Suniel Shetty, who has been part of Bollywood for 26 years, has finally given in to the social media phenomenon. The actor joined Twitter on August 11. Here, he talks about this move, his daughter Athiya Shetty, and more.
Why did you decide to hop on to the social media bandwagon after so many years?
I have realised that when someone spreads false news about you, social media supports you. For example, someone recently spoke negatively about Indian athletes. But the entire country came out in support of those sportspersons. So, I thought that if my voice can be heard [through a medium like this], then why not? I think now is the perfect time [for me to do this] because I have understood the medium quite a bit.
What has been the inspiration behind your much-talked-about new look?
I wanted to try something different. Also, beards are in, and fortunately, I still have hair on my head (laughs). So, I thought of experimenting. I had taken a sabbatical for three years. I decided that when I get out, something would have to be different. I did this, and it worked.
How have you adjusted to the changing working pattern in the film industry?
I don't think adjusting was ever a problem because I am a director's actor. I have always been sincere. The only thing is that now when I work, I am far more prepared. There are workshops and you interact with your co-actors before the shoot. The current generation is well-prepared, which is fantastic. They are hard-working and talented too.
Do you feel this change is for the better?
Yes, everyone is working towards it. Nobody walks into a set three hours late, and believes that the world is waiting for them. If you do that, you will become history. The overall progress is unbelievable. There's a lot to learn from the younger generation. I see Athiya (Shetty; daughter); she is not insecure at all. She has said no to so many films. She wants to be sure if the makers who approach her can even release the movie. She is quite particular about the script. I don't think I ever had that kind of patience.