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Desi Kattey: Can this film be the game-changer for Sunil Shetty?

Boxoffice Results

  1. INR 3.10 Cr.
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  5. INR 159.45 Cr.



Anand Kumar, the director of films such as Delhi Heights and Zila Ghaziabad, is back with his new project Desi Kattey. Featuring Sunil Shetty, Jay Bhanushali, Akhil Kapur and Sasha Agha in important roles, the film is scheduled to hit the screens on September 26, 2014. Anand Kumar talks about the theme and USP of the film.

What is the theme of Desi Kattey?
"Desi Kattey is a story of two orphan kids who grow up in a remote village making country guns as their main occupation. The story revolves around their friendship, aim in life, dreams and sacrifices."

You have worked with established stars in the past, but this time you're working with newcomers.
"Only Akhil Kapur is a newcomer, Jay Bhanushali is a household name due to his long successful stint in television. They both have delivered as any established actor in the industry would and I am glad they fit into the characters exactly how the script had demanded. Besides one gets to work smoothly without starry tantrums and unnecessary interferences."

Who is your target audience?
"Target audience is each young or old person who feels deep for friendship in their lives and is passionate about any kind of sport and is proud to be an Indian."

What are your expectations from Desi Kattey?
"As a filmmaker, naturally the expectation is that the film is appreciated for its content, intention and hard work. It has some wonderful music rendered by Kailash Kher, therefore hoping the blend of great acting and music makes Desi Kattey a success.

Any other project in the pipeline?
"Once Desi Kattey is released, I shall soon be working on a love story.”