Sunidhi has a strange sixth sense, says hubby Hitesh

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New Delhi, Feb. 21 -- This singer-composer duo makes for an interesting couple. While singer Sunidhi Chauhan is a popular Bollywood crooner, her husband - music composer Hitesh Sonik, is a well-known music composer. Although they have been married for almost two years and have known each other since childhood, the two have not worked on any films together. However, that'll soon change with an upcoming film.

We will soon hear Sunidhi mesmerising listeners to a tune composed by Hitesh. Talking about how this project happened, Hitesh says, "We have worked together on many things earlier, but, in the sense of a project, it is our first together. When this song came up, we hadn't thought of the gender of the voice. But director Amole Gupte proposed using a female voice for it. And, I liked the idea. So, we discussed a few voices and Amole, more than me, was clear about having Sunidhi sing it."    

And, Hitesh is only too happy to have Sunidhi voice his composition. "She is a rare blend of energy and innocence ... that's exactly something we needed for this song. She understands the gist of a song by some strange sixth sense. As a composer, you are elated when your composition is rendered in her voice and style," says Hitesh, who has produced music of films such as Vishal Bharadwaj's Kaminey (2009).