Sukhwinder Singh: Social media is a great platform for budding musicians

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Sukhwinder Singh feels that the new breed of musicians is definitely blessed, as they get a chance to showcase their music to varied audiences through social media platforms.

“I think artists today are blessed with this new form of [social] media. You can now go to Facebook or Twitter, and just post your music there. People have access to it, and anyone can listen to your music at any given point of time. I think it’s a wonderful thing,” says Sukhwinder.

Refuting claims that the internet has made the world more chaotic, with countless artists posting their music on social media sites, Sukhwinder adds, “It’s good to see so many artists presenting such diverse styles of music. No matter how chaotic it gets, if the music is good, it will get noticed and will shine through.”

Unlike popular musicians of today, Sukhwinder recalls how he didn’t have the luxury of social media during his struggling days.

“Now, with internet, you can easily approach a big musician, or a famous record label. You don’t have to wait, and if your work is good and people are talking about it, they (bigger musicians or record labels) will get in touch with you automatically. It never happened with me. It took me years to approach someone like Rahman. I had to first become something, establish myself as a musician, before I could even send my work across to him. I am happy that musicians now don’t have to do that,” shares the singer who has sung popular tracks such as Jai Ho (Slumdog Millionaire, 2008), Chak De (Chak De! India, 2007) and Omkara (Omkara, 2006).

Sukhwinder, however, is quick to add that he doesn’t feel the invention of social media has in any way made it easier for musicians to get famous.

“Everything still remains the same, and you still have to work hard to become successful. You can present it easily, but you still have sing it, right? And you still have to play music in the background. Social media doesn’t do that for you,” he says.