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Subhash Ghai turns music composer!

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New Delhi, March 25 -- After having proved his mettle as a filmmaker, Subhash Ghai has now, for the first time, composed and penned a song.

"We had practically completed the film's music album, but there was a situation that we had to introduce with a song. We had little time, so I composed a song and wrote the lyrics in 20 minutes. The song was then mixed and ready in two hours," says Ghai.    

He further reveals that after the song was composed, his unit unanimously decided that Mika should sing it.

The singer says that when Ghai approached him for the song, he couldn't believe that the legendary filmmaker chose him for his first-ever composition.

"I didn't charge for this song. No price can match his love and blessings. It's a big thing for me that I sang his first-composed song. I even shot for the video," says Mika.  
Since Mika refused to accept any fee, Ghai decided to give the money to an NGO run by the singer. "Mika messaged that he won't be taking any money for the song. It was very nice of him to show so much respect towards a senior. I didn't pay him, but sent him a cheque for his NGO," says Ghai.