#MeToo: Star TV accused of harassment!

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As the #MeToo campaign rolls on, here's another Indian media company that's been accused of sexual harassment of its female employees.

The company is none other than Star TV, a wholly owned subsidiary of 21st Century Fox, which in turn is owned by businessman Rupert Murdoch. 21cf is a company incorporated, and based in USA.

Rupert Murdoch's previous, and present companies have been accused of breaches of privacy, and private records, phone hacking, manipulating and threatening individuals, governments, and businesses.

21cf itself has already been involved in many lawsuits in USA, involving sexual harassment of its female employees. 21cf has settled with some female employees/accusers for millions of dollars.

Amongst multiple media assets in India, Star TV also holds the broadcast rights to BCCI cricket events worth billions of dollars.

Here are the tweets posted by a user Apurva S, on Twitter, in which the accused is Uday Shankar, CEO of Star TV: