Sooraj Pancholi supports a noble cause!

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Mumbai, Jan. 23 -- Sooraj Pancholi will soon be running 5km in Mumbai for a cause - to raise funds for animal welfare. According to a source close to the actor, Sooraj was recently approached by an NGO to help raise awareness about the state of wild dogs in South Africa.
The source says, "The NGO is raising funds to look after the dogs, as there aren't enough amenities in terms of food, living space and medication. Sooraj had visited South Africa last year for a holiday and also learnt about the issues that these wild dogs face there and how they are killed by people. So, when the organisation approached him to help them raise funds, Sooraj readily agreed to extend his support."
When contacted, Sooraj said, "Strict laws against animal cruelty need to be implemented across the world so that animals don't suffer. People causing harm and damage to animals should be punishable, as it's a serious offence. I feel extremely proud to be associated with this cause."