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TV debut for Sonu Sood!

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Mumbai, June 24 -- Sonu Sood is the newest film actor to have joined the television bandwagon.

He will soon be seen judging a reality show with Sushmita Sen and Shekhar Suman. In fact, Sonu has made a conscious decision to become part of the TV show. He says it was TV's wide reach that attracted him.

"This is something that I haven't done before. I have immense respect for all the reality shows on TV. It (television) is very challenging. In films, you do a scene, and that is the end of it. On TV, the cameras capture your real self on a daily basis; it reaches out to viewers across India. People get to know you better on the small screen, be it while judging or hosting a show. I want people to see a new side to my personality," says the actor.

Speaking about his experience as a judge, Sonu says, "It isn't easy to make people laugh. One needs to be tactful while making remarks, so as to not demotivate the comedians. But I find judging exciting." The actor, who is currently shooting for two films adds that he enjoyed playing comic-action roles in films like Dabangg (2010) or Happy New Year (2014). "Now, judging comedy on TV is the icing on the cake," he says.

Working with Sushmita and Shekhar has also been interesting, he says. "It's good fun. They both have a great sense of humour," adds Sonu. Moreover, the actor has been hosting shows such as the HNY Concert last year, and recently, a police awards show in the city. "I didn't have a script, and it was fun to be impromptu. I have explored this side of myself and want to pursue it further," says Sonu.