Bebo's pregnancy God-sent: Sonam Kapoor

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New Delhi, Aug. 6 -- If you thought the script of Kareena Kapoor Khan's next was modified to show her character pregnant, that's not true. Sonam Kapoor, her co-star in Shashanka Ghosh's film, says it was there all along.
"If Kareena had not gotten pregnant, we'd have had to use prosthetics for her character to look pregnant. So in many ways, her pregnancy is God sent for our film," says Sonam.
"Lolo (Karisma), Bebo (Kareena), my sister Rhea and I have always been close. Bebo is one of my favourite actresses. It's a pleasure to work with her," adds the 31-year-old, w ho calls herself "lucky to be working with three diverse and outstanding actresses" in the film that also stars Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Tilsania.
"I bonded with Swara during Raanjhana (2013). She is my friend and sister. We also have the very talented Tiku Talsaniaji's talented daughter Shikha," says Sonam.
The actor is "perfectly okay" with not playing the central character in the film. "It's not about the size of the role. It's what I do with it. I don't need to be the heroine  all the time," she concludes.