Would love to do a biopic on Sakshi Malik: Sonakshi

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It is the season of biopics in Bollywood and actor Sonakshi Sinha has her wishlist ready: She is keen to play Olympic winner wrestler Sakshi Malik in a film on her.
“If anyone would offer me the biopic on Sakshi Malik I would love to do it. She (Sakshi) also said I am a strong girl. She has also given her nod for me to do the biopic,” Sonakshi said.
Speaking at the celebration of Like A Girl campaign, Sonakshi said, “We need more attention on other sports. Earlier only cricket was given importance but today Kabaddi, Badminton, Wrestling are also getting attention.” Sakshi also attended the event.
“All sports needs to be given equal platform just like cricket. We have a long way to go. Sakshi’s win at the Olympics is giving push to the sport (wrestling),” Sonakshi said.