Sonakshi trolls Air India pilot for calling airport station..

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Sonakshi Sinha had a funny experience on a flight with a pilot’s announcement. The actress who was heading to Lucknow for the promotion of her upcoming action drama Akira, poked fun at the pilot for committing a verbal blunder.
In a Snapchat video, she explained that when her flight landed in Lucknow, the captain instead of saying ‘hawai adda’ (airport ) said ‘station’. This caught the 29-year-old actress’ attention and she narrated the incident on Snapchat, reports Bollywood Life.
The sly look on her face at the end of the video suggested mockery. While it might have been an honest mistake by the pilot, Sonakshi’s make-up man Neelesh, had another theory to make the story funnier.
After the actress explained her part, she pointed the camera to Neelesh and he said in a good humor, “Kyu wo pehle TC tha train me” (he must have been a TC in a train)”.